Big Sky Kalahari Adventures’ standards of excellence and countless safaris provided to international clientele account for our enduring good reputation. We bring an ingrained passion for Africa, respect for its wildlife and ecosystems, and its people to everything we do. We have chosen to be different from other lodges, reserves and safari operators by offering our Guests exclusivity of the Lodge and all 240 000 acres of this pristine Kalahari Wilderness during your stay. In fact, there is only one Lodge (and it will be yours), there are no crowds, no bus tours, there is no traffic or endless lines of game drive vehicles queuing to view wildlife! Your stay with us will be private, peaceful and magical. We have no rigid schedule, we do as you wish and your African dream of vast expanses, endless wildlife and privacy will become reality!

Funded by limited wildlife viewing safaris and very limited responsible and sustainable hunting safaris, this premier Kalahari Wildlife Reserve boasts flourishing game populations including threatened species such as Wild Dogs, Cheetah, Black and White Rhino, along with all of the Big 5 and a multitude of antelope species and an array of other fauna. In order to meet the daunting obligation of funding the sound management and protection of this magical piece of Africa and its wildlife to the best of our ability we have to embrace a practical and diverse approach in acquiring enough income to do so whilst always placing the best interests of the Reserve and the wildlife first.

The Kalahari Reserve employs a passionate and highly experienced management team which includes a full-time ecologist, a leading anti-poaching unit, field rangers and other field staff all of whom are dedicated to conservation,wildlife protection and wildlife enhancement. There is no place in South Africa which will match this destination in terms of how pristine it is, how wild and untouched it is, how remote and undisturbed the land and the wildlife is! All of this combined with the exclusive experience you will be privileged to enjoy here, makes this destination unique…… from every point of view!

Russell and Kathy are the Lodge Managers and they both have an eye for the minutiae that make up the guest experience. A master bush chef, Kathy devises delicious meals in the lodge and out in the field. An eight-hour drive from supplies, she produces high-end bush fare to meet her discerning culinary standards and exceed your expectations! Because Russell and Kathy’s Lodge is totally private, their goal is to ensure that you will call this place, your home away from home!

Big Sky Kalahari Adventures only contracts the best most experienced guides, all of whom have a minimum of 10 years’ full-time experience. Our Guides are knowledgeable about all fauna and flora and bring superlative passion and expertise to what they do. Spending time with them in the field is informative, fun, and rewarding. Our trackers are highly-skilled and dedicated gentlemen who are renowned in the industry for their skills and professionalism.