Be rewarded for keeping your eyes to the skies

Birders and bird photographers determine the rhythm of their sightings at Big Sky Kalahari Adventures.

On game drives, on walks, fly camping, or from the deck at the lodge, grow your bird list and create a diverse photographic portfolio at the same time. Take your time observing and identifying the selection of ornithological wonders that populate the Kalahari skies.

Combining vast open areas of savanna woodland and grassland with acacias, big camelthorn trees, and blackthorn thickets, this environment is home to 187 recorded bird species. The exclusivity of the experience at Big Sky Kalahari Adventures makes it a wonderland for bird-lovers – and your guides enhance the excursions with their fervour, expertise, and local knowledge.

A palette of feathers. A symphony of birdsong.

Interspersed with spectacular game-viewing, untold splendour lies ahead for birders on safari in this far-spanning Kalahari reserve. Explore different locations on walks, game drives, and fly camping. Head out when bird life is at its most active in the early hours and immerse yourself in your surroundings by making birding the focus of every activity.

The specialised art of bird photography has one fundamental ingredient: time. Whether an individual birder or part of a group, the bird-watching experience at Big Sky Kalahari Adventures is an intimate multi-day adventure you’ll want to live over and over again.

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