An intimate encounter with your wild surroundings

For the adventurous at heart.

Fly camping is a chance to get that much closer to the wonders of the Kalahari wilderness. Nothing fortifies the feeling of remoteness quite like a safari camp and the traditional notion of a night under canvas is guaranteed to make you feel uniquely alive and free.

Harking back to a time when pioneers would sleep under a fly sheet on safari, fly camping at Big Sky Kalahari Adventures is comparatively comfortable. Your camp will be set up in one of several prime locations – with canvas bow tents, stretchers and sleeping bags, solar-powered lights and hurricane lanterns, and shower bags for a sincere fly camping experience.

A night of pure adventure in your very own tented camp

Enjoy a sundowner at the close of another day on safari overlooking expansive plains filled with gemsbok and plains game, knowing that your camp is open to visits from wildlife during the night. This is ‘in the field’ photographic experience at its best, with the sun’s dimming light illuminating your images to full effect. As dusk descends, join generations of people in enjoying the punctuation of golden firelight and a bush meal. Take in the stars and changing bush sounds and smells until you retreat to your tent – living the simple luxury of Africa in this truly wild place.

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