Make uninterrupted bush and undisturbed game your focus on 240 000 acres of pristine Kalahari wilderness

With no strict programme at Big Sky Kalahari Adventures, design your day to your desires.

This will inevitably include a game drive – and you are afforded absolute flexibility to drive all day or head out for golden hour only if you so wish. Having that longed-for sighting or getting the perfect shot sometimes takes patience and numerous photographic and game-viewing opportunities present themselves along the way in the form of birdlife, diverse landscapes, and abundant wildlife. The relaxed game also make for the privilege of observing natural behaviour. This provides for exceptional wildlife sightings and allows adequate time to take a range of pictures, adding a sense of the hidden observer to your wildlife images.

Alongside guides who have spent their lives in the bush, give new definition to what it means to explore as you edge through seemingly endless open spaces. Many areas within the reserve can be defined as true wilderness – a place with no roads – and where no amount of familiarity removes the need for GPS. Despite being so dry, the Kalahari is full of life and this remarkable, flat land transforms throughout the year in changing seasonal brilliance.

World-class sightings that will become timeless photographs and treasured memories

With your own game vehicle at your disposal, game drives are geared towards optimal photographic and game viewing safaris. These open game viewers are equipped with sun roofs and bean bags for your lenses for full-day comfort and convenience. It will just be you and the view as your guide leads you through this wild land, following stories in the sand to find wildlife.

Sightings are unrushed and exclusive. Sit with a bird sighting or any of the Big 5 for as long as you want and live the thrill of tracking and following thriving game populations through soul-stirring landscapes.

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