Connect with Africa like never before

A walking safari is arguably the most authentic experience of Africa.

Take in the bush from this unique and special vantage point as you follow game trails through the scrub. Let your guide decipher the secret language of the land in what stands to be some of your most memorable outings on safari.

The duration and course of walks at Big Sky Kalahari Adventures are determined by your preference. Whether you have your heart set on tracking buffalo or feel like a short jaunt to diversify your days! Hiking in Big 5 country is exhilarating and there are obvious risks involved however our experienced guides will always put your safety first!

On foot, one begins to understand the privilege of total remoteness.

Tracking wildlife and watching them on foot invokes unmatched exhilaration. It also gives a sense of what classic safaris must have been like in the days of old. On foot, the flat topography of this Kalahari wilderness makes it feel even more immense. This flat country gives unparalleled visibility, with vast open plains dotted with pans which become a hub of activity in the heat of the day. Seeing thousands of animals converge at one time creates a wildlife experience – and a one-of-a-kind photographic setting – you will never forget.

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