Share moments of African wonder with the people you love

Create closer family connections under an endless African sky.

Experience the untamed Kalahari

The first thing that strikes you is the vastness. The second is the ferocious wonder of the wilderness there. We get you up close to the planet’s most powerful animals in their natural habitat.

Designed for families

Travelling with children is a challenge, but it shouldn’t be a reason to put your dream on hold. We’re happy to welcome your little ones, who will love Africa as much as you do.

Friendly, experienced and dedicated

The quality of your foray into Africa is often determined by the quality of your hosts. The Big Sky team has been delivering some of the Kalahari’s most unforgettable safaris since 2014.

Choose your own adventure

It’s Africa at your pace. Spend the day endlessly exploring or take it a day at a time, soaking in the sun. From the safety of the Land Rovers to the thrill of doing it on foot, we tailor the safari to you.

The Kalahari Desert is vast. It covers much of Botswana, Namibia and Northwestern South Africa. We explore a 240,000 acre privately-owned concession  in an ecologically vibrant span of this magnificent semi-desert savannah.

The sensation of the wilderness here is different to some of the country’s more commercial parks. The harsh environment demands toughness, stamina and a built-in fierceness. All five of the Big 5 are strongly represented. Other predators include hyena, cheetah, a number of smaller cats and South Africa’s largest wild dog population.

The plains are dotted with blue wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, kudu and gemsbok. Birdlife is breathtaking, and too varied to begin to name.

Once a year, dark clouds engulf the desert and the rains thunder down. And as the pools dry up, the desert explodes in colour and energy. The plains play host to migrating herds and feasting predators, before the heat overwhelms everything once again.

Friendly, experienced and dedicated. Best family safari by far, glad we chose Big Sky kalahari Adventures. Cant wait to come back for another safari.
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african bush dinner

Big Sky Safaris is hosted by Russell and Kathy, who have crafting the experience they offer for the best part of 18 years. They have been the exclusive lodge management team on the reserve since 2015. Life in the remote Kalahari means the nearest supplies are four hours drive away. There’s a sense of separation from civilisation and a closeness to something primal and undisturbed that makes the Kalahari such a bewitching place to experience.

Cooking in the bush is part of what makes the experience special. Both Kathy and Russell are accomplished bush chefs, passionate about the breathtaking environment they live in, who love sharing this magical wilderness with their guests.

Relaxed, friendly and welcoming, the hospitality team ensures the lodge feels like a second home. There’s a number of exciting ways to experience the Kalahari. You set the itinerary, and we’ll see it’s delivered.

The people and the place that will make your Kalahari safari.

There are African safaris, and then there is the Kalahari. Raw, primal and beautiful, it is a place that leaves an indelible mark on everyone who visits.

Let it be the backdrop for your family’s journey into Africa.

Make a deeper connection to the people you care about in one of the world’s truly wild places.